Public Art

Turtle Bay Exploration Park hosts work throughout its site by artists who are inspired by the close study and understanding of nature, natural systems, and human impacts on both natural and cultural environments.  Most of these artists have made ecological art and/or cultural sustainability the bedrock of their practice.  Explore these works of contemporary art at any time of year.

Turtle Shells (2000 - Present)

Fiberglass-reinforced and stained cast concrete
Troy Corliss took inspiration from the Western Pond Turtle (the species after which the Turtle Bay site is named) for his installation, previously near the Visitor Center entry, and recently moved to the west gate of the McConnell Arboretum & Botanical Gardens.

Sundial Bridge (2004 - present)

Concrete, granite, glass, steel
Sundial Bridge is a unique foot bridge designed by world renowned Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava.  The bridge's tall pylon and cable stays allow the bridge to have no supports in the water, thus avoiding the nearby salmon-spawning habitat.

Mosaic Oasis (2005 - present)

Concrete, ceramics, glass, stone, found objects
Redding-based artist Colleen Barry created a seating area and fountain located near the west gate of the McConnell Arboretum & Gardens.  Mosaic Oasis emphasizes recycling through adaptive reuse of materials donated by dozens of area residents.

Sounds of Water (2005 - Present)

Granite, marble, concrete, ceramic
Sounds of Water, created by Betsy Damon is located on the central corridor of the McConnell Arboretum & Gardens.  It is a contemplative space that provides subtle messages about how water is used in California.

Monolith (2005 - Present)

Ceramic, Steel, Concrete, Aluminum, Stone, Paint
Seattle-based artist Buster Simpson transformed the historic Monolith, the last remaining trace of the massive operation required to build Shasta Dam, into a work of public art to honor the history and those involved in the construction of the dam.

Lookout tree  (2008 - 2010)

Created by Patrick Dougherty, Lookout Tree was a two-year installation, a willow structure within one of the most majestic trees in the McConnell Arboretum & Gardens site, the immense oak inside the west gate.

Pyramids  (2008 - Present)

Created by Paul "Palul" Rideout, Pyramids is a study of harmonies, forms, symbols, rhythms, and man and is located at the east end of the McConnell Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. 

Earthstone  (2014 - Present)

Cast concrete, stone, glass, and ceramic with embedded tile and contemporary manufactured materials
Earthstone celebrates the flora and fauna of Northern California and was created by local artist Colleen Barry. The monolithic sculpture is dedicated to the late Don Oestreicher, former Vice President of Citizens Utilities, and was commissioned by Lawrence Dillon and is located in the McConnell Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. 

Public Art Photo Gallery

Corliss Turtle at Visitor CenterLookout Tree InsideLookout Tree PanoromicMonolith - View east form atop the bermMonolith - Bronze aggregate plant
Monolith - One Cubic YardMonolith - Swallow basin and conesMonolith - Through blasted doorwaysMosaic Oasis PanoramicMosaic Oasis detail #1
Mosaic Oasis detail #2Colleen and Mosaic OasisSounds of Water up closeSounds of Water PanoramicSounds of Water pond

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