Dignity Health presents Dam to Bridge


Exhibition Overview

Human beings are tied to water, drawn to it. We are utterly dependent upon it.  We drink it, bathe in it, find food in it, water our crops, and transform our landscapes with it. A river can be both friend and foe. It is life-giving and life-taking, a source of transportation and a hindrance to it. 

It is no accident that two of the most iconic structures in our region are Shasta Dam and the Sundial Bridge. Separated by 14.5 miles of river and completed 60 years apart, these public works bracket a stretch of the Sacramento that tells the stories of our human relationship with water...with a river...with our river.

You helped us make history!

Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the Sundial Bridge, we surveyed the public to find out how you use the bridge, what you think about it, how you interact with the river, and what you wanted to know about the bridge.

The results showed that you wanted to know more about construction technology and methods, who built it, and its impact. Look for guest-inspired content in the interpretive panels and labels and see how other people think and feel about the Sundial Bridge and its place in our community.

Visit Dam to Bridge at Turtle Bay and learn more about the river right outside our backdoor.

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