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Animal Programs


The animal programs at Turtle Bay inspire, create connections, and foster appreciation for the diversity and magnificence of wildlife through conservation, education and entertainment.  Come out to Turtle Bay and experience first-hand our animal friends!

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Meet some of our animal friends!

Baja -

Rosy Boa

Chico -

Gopher Snake

Cricket -

Barn Owl

Digger -

American Badger

Inali -

Grey Fox

Loki -

Red Fox

Mojave -

Desert Tortoise

Nashi -


Parrot Playhouse -


Rex, Regina, & Princess -

California Common Kingsnake

Timber -

American Beaver

Wedge -


Whisper -


Adopt an Animal!

Inali the gray foxSupport the animals of Turtle Bay Exploration Park by making them an honorary part of your family! All animals need lots of love and support. You can help feed and care for an animal at Turtle Bay by making them a part of your life. Click here for more information.


Paul Bunyan's Forest Camp exhibits wild animals, many of which have been rescued and would not survive if released.  Much of Northern California's natural beauty is in its widespread forests. Forests provide habitat for many of these creatures. Turtle Bay celebrates the relationship between these magnificent forests and the animals that live there. Through forestry and animal education guests will experience the close relationships we all have to our environment.

Turtle Bay's Reptiles & Insects sponsored by: 

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